Thread Upload
Automatic FTP Upload Client
by Phil White

Thread Upload is an FTP client designed for updating Personal Weather Station Web sites. Thread Upload was developed because of persistent unsolved problems with the built-in FTP client in VWS. Unlike other products, Thread Upload does not crash VWS because it doesn't need to place locks on files being written to by VWS.

Thread Upload scans a folder for changed files at a user defined rate. When changed files are found Thread Upload makes a list of the files and then uploads them to the FTP server.

Demo Version
The unregistered version of Thread Upload is fully functional with the following limitations.

  1. The program will run for up to 36 hours.
  2. The program will transfer up to 2160 files.

When either of these limitations is reached the program will stop transferring files until the program is stopped and restarted.

Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP with .NET framework. This software will not run on some installations of Windows Server operating system.

The free demo version of Thread Upload can be downloaded here.

Thread Upload GUI

Set Source Folder This button opens a dialog that allows the user to specify the folder to scan for changed files.
Send All Files Send all files in the upload folder to the FTP server.
Abort Transfer Abort the current FTP transfer.
Folder Scan Enable and disable scanning for changed files.
Save Settings Apply and save current program settings.
Exit Quit the program. Settings are saved when the program exits.
Status Information  
Selected Source Folder Displays the path to the selected upload folder.
Current File Name of file currently being sent to FTP server.
Number of Files to Send Number of files in the current transfer.
Number of Files Sent Number of files sent so far in the current transfer.
Connects Number of times the program has connected or reconnected to the FTP server.
Last Transfer Time The elapsed time in seconds for the last transfer.
Today's Total Transfer Time The amount of transfer time accumulated since midnight in minutes.
Transfer Results Displays information about the success or failure of the last transfer.
Today's File Count Displays the number of files transferred since midnight.
Today's Total MB Displays the total MB transferred since midnight.
Program State Displays what the program is currently doing.
Current Time Displays the computer clock.
Watchdog Timer Displays the watchdog timer value.
Folder Scan Interval Enter the desired frequency in seconds for checking the upload folder for changed files. This time should be set to 5 seconds or greater.
Use Passive FTP Check Box Selects passive FTP mode.
Logon for Each Transfer Check Box If checked, the program logs on to the FTP server when a transfer starts and logs off when the transfer is complete. When unchecked, the program logs on once and stays logged on until a timeout or error occurs. There is no keep alive. This box should be checked if the time between transfers is longer than the FTP server timeout.
Delete Source Files Check Box When checked, the program deletes the source file in the upload folder after it is successfully transferred to the FTP server.
FTP Server FTP server name or IP address.
Destination Directory FTP server destination directory.
Username FTP server logon username.
Password FTP server logon password.
Watchdog Timeout Number of seconds to wait before aborting a failed transfer. This time should be three to four times longer than the longest single file transfer time.
Create Logs Check Box When checked, detailed logs of FTP transfers are created. A new log file is created daily at midnight.
Display Server Responses Check Box Includes FTP server responses in the log. Including server responses greatly increases the size of the log files.
List Boxes  
Sending This list box displays a list of files to be transferred. Files are removed from this list box when they are successfully transferred to the FTP server
Messages This list box displays messages from the program. This is the same information that is written to the log file if the log files are enabled.


  1. Select the folder to be monitored by Thread Upload.
  2. Enter a folder scan interval. Five seconds or more is recommended.
  3. Enter your FTP server information.
  4. Set the watchdog timeout to a value 3 to 4 times longer than the longest single file transfer.
  5. Set the check box options as desired. Passive FTP is recommended for most situations.
  6. Click the "Save Settings" button.
  7. Click the "Folder Scan" button to begin transferring files.

Purchasing and Contact Information
If you have questions about Thread Upload or would like to purchase a license please contact Phil at A user license is $19. PayPal (no credit cards), personal checks and postal money orders are accepted. Upon purchase of a license a registered copy of Thread Upload will be emailed to you.

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